December 2022 Candidate Newsletter

HAPPY HOLIDAYS As we approach the holiday season, it’s time to reflect on the good things we have, like our partnership with you! We appreciate the opportunity to support you in your career goals and hope that the holidays and the coming year bring you happiness and success. From all of us at QPS Employment Group/Accelerate […]

November 2022 Candidate Newsletter

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Scott Mayer, our Chairman and CEO, made QPS’ first placements himself back in 1985 when he started the company. As a thank you to the customers he worked with, he stopped at a local grocery store the day before Thanksgiving and bought them each a pumpkin pie. Now 37 years later, the tradition […]

How to Prepare for Your 1st Quarter Job Search

The holidays are here. You’ve got vacation time saved up and you’re planning on spending time with family and friends. You’re going to finish out the year at your current job and then start your search for a new career. Before you sit back and relax, now is actually a great time to start thinking […]

Tips for Speeding up the Hiring Process

It’s no secret that hiring has been a challenge lately and candidates are often entertaining multiple offers. So what can you do to get a leg up on the competition? While salary and benefits make a difference, the deciding factor is often speed. The sooner you can make an offer, the better chance of success […]

Why You Shouldn’t Take a Counteroffer

Thinking about using a new job offer to try and get more money out of your current employer? Think again. Using another job offer to try and get your employer to counter may be tempting, but it often ends badly. Reasons Your Employer May Counteroffer Look at the logic behind a counteroffer. You employer might […]

Pros and Cons of Switching Careers in the 4th Quarter

There are unique challenges, and opportunities, for those seeking a career at any time of the year. Before we move into the final months of 2022, here is a bit of insight into what you might expect with a 4th quarter career change along with some pros and cons to help you prepare. Pro. Historically, […]