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How to Prepare for Your 1st Quarter Job Search

The holidays are here. You’ve got vacation time saved up and you’re planning on spending time with family and friends. You’re going to finish out the year at your current job and then start your search for a new career.

Before you sit back and relax, now is actually a great time to start thinking about a 1st quarter job search. Use some of your available downtime to get yourself prepared so you’re not left scrambling when you’re ready to apply. Here are four steps you can take now to so you’re ready to hit the ground running after the new year.

Update Your Resume

It’s a good rule of thumb to give some attention to your resume regularly so you always have an up-to-date version. But if you haven’t looked at it since you accepted your last job offer, now is a great time to blow off the dust and give it a refresh.

Make sure to include your accomplishments and how you overcame any obstacles or challenges. Be enthusiastic and genuine. Tell a story about something you created or fixed and use metrics where possible.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn can help you find a job faster because most hiring managers and recruiters are already using it. 87% of company recruiters find LinkedIn to be the most effective when vetting candidates during the hiring process.

Having an updated LinkedIn profile will significantly increase your chances of being discovered by companies that are looking for candidates with your skills and experience. An active profile also gives you credibility and builds trustworthiness.

Connect with a Recruiter

A recruiter can take some of the stress and mess out of finding the right position. They work with hundreds of companies across many industries and can act as a resource for you. You can more easily get in front of hiring managers and decision makers rather than having your resume sit in a pile, untouched.

Connect with a recruiter now to discuss what you’re looking for so they can get you on the right path as soon as you’re ready to start applying.

Put Together Your Target List

Start building a target list of companies where you would like to work and where you have an applicable skill set to contribute. Check out “Best of” lists to get an idea of top employers in various categories. Or run a simple Google search to find companies that align with your ideals.


By taking these four steps now, you’ll be prepared for your 1st quarter job search and ready to start applying after the new year.

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