Recruitment Delivery

The Specialized Experts You Need.

Professional Recruiting Model

Many staffing firms hire one recruiter to fill all of their higher-end orders. At Accelerate however, we realize that just as someone who is an Engineer can’t also run your IT Department, the same applies to those who recruit for those positions.

With so many specialized job positions within each discipline, we expect each recruiter to focus on the field they are an expert in.

Our Accelerate Professional recruiting model features one Team Lead who oversees their team of experts who recruit:


By having specialized recruiters on each team, we can:

  • Better recruit and manage our inventory of candidates
  • Focus on direct recruiting tactics. Our Engineering recruiter, for example, can focus on networking activities, websites, and social media groups dedicated to Engineers
  • Earn the candidate’s confidence that we know the language they speak

Our Professional Division candidates are not simply found on job boards. We focus on recruiting passive candidates who take time and resources to recruit.

We use all methods to build a network of candidates to provide the best selection and match for your needs.

Accelerate Talent Competency Model

How We Deliver The Talent You Need

Two Way Expectations

What You Can Expect From Us
  • Access to candidates that you will not see elsewhere; we have a very large database and we work heavily off of referral and direct recruiting.

  • Honesty, and ethics at all times.
    Quality vs. Quantity. We will present you with several strong resumes that have been heavily vetted.

  • To be a resource in this process. Market knowledge, wage analysis, etc.
    Prompt communication!

  • We will respond to your call or email within the same business day; if one of us is out, a member of our team will respond.
What We Expect From You
  • Feedback on resumes within 24-48 hours; candidates move very quickly in this market.

  • When passing on candidates, we ask that you provide us with reasons as to why; this helps us immensely in our search, and we are then able to provide you with a stronger candidate pool.

  • Transparency regarding your opening; if something has changed, please let us know as soon as possible in order for our team to adjust our search accordingly.

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