Why You Shouldn’t Take a Counteroffer

Thinking about using a new job offer to try and get more money out of your current employer? Think again. Using another job offer to try and get your employer to counter may be tempting, but it often ends badly. Reasons Your Employer May Counteroffer Look at the logic behind a counteroffer. You employer might […]

Pros and Cons of Switching Careers in the 4th Quarter

There are unique challenges, and opportunities, for those seeking a career at any time of the year. Before we move into the final months of 2022, here is a bit of insight into what you might expect with a 4th quarter career change along with some pros and cons to help you prepare. Pro. Historically, […]

September 2022 Candidate Newsletter

September 2022 Newsletter

CURRENT OPENINGS Now is a great time to start thinking about your next career move. Accelerate has a variety of open positions in: Manufacturing Engineering IT Supply Chain Finance/Accounting Human Resources Visit our Job Search page to view our open positions and apply online!   WORD ON THE STREET 6 Tips to Help Negotiate Your […]

6 Tips to Help Negotiate Your Job Offer

Tips to Negotiate a Job Offer

As you start receiving job offers in the interview process, it can be common to wonder if the compensation package is the best for you. If you’re not completely pleased, don’t be afraid to negotiate your job offer. You might think, could it jeopardize the opportunity if I ask for more? The answer is no. […]

July 2022 Candidate Newsletter


INTERVIEW TIPS How to Prepare for a Job Interview: 10 Steps to Follow Source: job-hunt.org Think of a job interview as an “audition.” This is your opportunity to demonstrate your work ethic and skills. Demonstrate that you are genuinely interested in the job by being well-prepared for the interview—often viewed by the employer as an […]

How to Write a Thank You Note After an Interview

Showing gratitude is always important, but especially during a job search. After you’ve gone through an interview you should take the time to draft a thank you message to your potential future employer. Whether it’s a physical letter or an email, this token of appreciation could actually determine if you get the job. What to […]