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Tips for Speeding up the Hiring Process

It’s no secret that hiring has been a challenge lately and candidates are often entertaining multiple offers. So what can you do to get a leg up on the competition? While salary and benefits make a difference, the deciding factor is often speed. The sooner you can make an offer, the better chance of success you’ll have.

But how can you be sure you’ll be the first to make an offer? To be effective, companies need to focus on refining and expediting the hiring process.

Here are 5 tips to successfully speed up the hiring process:

Start With a Great Job Description

Is your job description sure to attract suitable candidates? Does it articulate the skills needed, as well as your employer value proposition? Starting with a great job description is key to attracting the right candidates, which allows you to be selective about who you’ll choose to interview. This alone can save you days or weeks in the hiring process. And having a great job description from the start prevents time wasted making tweaks along the way when you’re not attracting candidates with the right skills.

Work with an Experienced Recruiter

Recruiters spend their careers networking, doing constant outreach, making connections, and focusing on direct recruiting tactics. They can connect with candidates that are not simply found on job boards. Many of the best candidates are not even on the job hunt. An experienced recruiter will be able to successfully attract those candidates and entice them into looking at a career change.

Simplify the Interview Process

Start with determining how many interviews the position requires. Two interviews will be suitable for most positions—one with the hiring manager and one with the team or a higher-level manager. For executive level positions, three or four interviews should suffice. Too many more than that, and your candidate may choose to walk away.

Prior to any interviews, be sure that everyone is on the same page with the job description and the skills required for the role. Be prepared to make concessions if you’re not finding candidates that match with every one of your essential requirements.

Schedule time to discuss the candidate with your team immediately post-interview. This keeps the candidate fresh in your mind and allows you to go over the pros and cons. Be sure to include your recruiter in this conversation so they can stay up to speed on where you’re at and what you still need.

Cut Unnecessary Steps

Are there steps in your hiring process that aren’t essential or take too long? Create a plan to eliminate those unnecessary steps prior to starting the search for your next candidate. Some things that may fall into this category include:

  • Personality tests
  • Pre-screen questionnaires
  • Non-essential skills tests
  • Approval from too many people to move forward
  • Multiple rounds of lengthy interviews
Make an Attractive Offer as Soon as Possible

Remember, top candidates are most likely interviewing with other companies, so it’s extremely important to move quickly with your offer. The sooner you can make an offer to a great candidate, the more likely they are to accept. But be sure your offer is attractive and show a willingness to negotiate if necessary.

In Conclusion

Hiring someone for your team can be time consuming and stressful. There are often a lot of steps and people involved. Make sure to keep open lines of communication with your hiring team, as well as any candidates you interview, and follow these five steps to streamline and speed up your hiring process.