What Questions to Ask (and Not to Ask) in an Interview

Even if you don’t ask any questions during an interview, many interviewers will ask if you have any questions at the end. How you respond will affect their evaluation of you. So be prepared to ask insightful questions about the organization. Making a list of any questions you have regarding the company is important and […]

6 Steps to a Successful Career Change

Considering a new career? You’re not alone. According to our recent Q1 2022 Staffing Survey, 28% of respondents said they plan on looking for a new job in 2022 and 78% of companies are looking to increase their total staff. Maybe you’re not really enjoying your career though and don’t know what to do next. […]

Professional Recruiting Model

Many staffing firms hire one recruiter to fill all of their higher-end orders. At Accelerate Professional Talent Solutions however, we realize that just as someone who is an Engineer can’t also run your IT department, the same applies to those who recruit for those positions. With so many specialized job positions within each discipline, we […]

How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

Phone interviews are usually a chance for an HR professional or hiring manager to initially connect with you, screen you for desired skills and experience, get a sense of how much you know about the company, and how interested you are in the opportunity. Things to remember during a phone interview: Always project a positive […]

How to Have a Successful Placement

We take a great deal of pride in the relationships we build with customers, and we strive to be different than other recruiters you may have worked with. In addition to assisting you with filling your open roles, we’d like for you to consider us a resource during this process, and a true partner for […]