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August 2023 Candidate Newsletter


Why Back-to-School Season is the Perfect Time to Launch Your Job Search

As the summer heat starts to fade and the leaves begin to change color, it’s that time of year again—back-to-school season. While this may traditionally raise images of bustling hallways and eager students, it’s also a perfect opportunity to evaluate your career. Here are four reasons why back-to-school season is the perfect time to launch your job search.

1. New Beginnings

Much like students heading to class on their first day, the back-to-school season brings with it new beginnings. It’s a great time for professionals to reevaluate their career goals and aspirations. Are you satisfied with your current career? Does your position align with your interests and skills? Is there an alternative career that better matches your skillset? If you’re ready to make the jump in your career, back-to-school season is the perfect time to start job hunting.

2. Company Budget Cycles

Many companies operate on a fiscal year that aligns with the calendar year, with budget planning and allocation often taking place in late summer or early fall. This means that businesses are actively assessing their staffing needs during the back-to-school season. By launching your job search in the fall, you can get ahead of the competition and be one of the first candidates that companies consider.

3. Networking Opportunities

Back-to-school season brings with it a variety of networking opportunities. From industry conferences and workshops to local meetups and seminars, professionals are gathering and sharing insights during this time. Networking is key for job seekers, and leveraging these events to make valuable connections might lead to your next career move. Remember, sometimes it’s not just about what you know, but who you know.

4. Less Competition

During the summer months, the job market can experience a temporary slowdown as many people take vacations or focus on other activities. By proactively engaging in your job search during the back-to-school season, your application is more likely to stand out from the crowd before the competition ramps up.

Ready to take the next step in your career?

Here are some tips to help you with your job search during the back-to-school season:

  • Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. Make sure your resume is up-to-date and highlights your skills and experience. You should also update your LinkedIn profile with your current job title, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Be prepared to interview. Practice your answers to common interview questions with the STAR method and you’ll ace your job interview.
  • The job search can be tough, but don’t give up. Keep applying for jobs and eventually you’ll find the perfect one for you.


The back-to-school season offers you prime opportunities for launching your job search journey. It’s the perfect combination of new beginnings, budget plans matching up, networking opportunities, and less competition. As students walk into their classrooms ready for a fresh start, you can walk into a bright future for your career!



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