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How to Make a Positive Impact at Work

Making a positive impact at work is important to improve work culture and increase overall employee morale. By making an effort to be a positive presence at work, you can make a major difference amongst your peers. Here are 4 tips to help you get started.

1. Appreciate good work. Everyone wants to feel valued by their organization so make it a point to praise your peers for a job well done. Appreciation can also improve productivity, build loyalty, and increase a person’s wellness.

2. Help a new coworker. Remember how stressful it was when you were the new employee? Welcome your new colleague by helping him navigate the office, meet new people, or review procedures.

3. Say thank you. Did a co-worker help you with a project or take something off your to-do list? Be sure to thank her for the kind gesture, and return the kindness in the future. A simple thank you can be encouraging, improve motivation, and validate efforts.

4. Teach a coworker. Whether it’s a simple trick for doing a regular task or a bigger endeavor, teaching your coworker a new skill will help him perform his job better, and will show your department that you’re a team player.

Making a difference begins with making a personal decision to be the best you can be at your workplace. How do you make a difference at work?