Chris W. (Client)

One of the standout qualities of the Accelerate team is their outstanding customer service and professionalism. I have complete confidence in their expertise and rely on their insights and guidance to identify the right individuals to join our organization. They have seamlessly integrated themselves as an extension of our team, and together we have achieved […]

Ali J. (Client)

The Accelerate team has always exuded professionalism, sense of urgency, and great customer service skills. They take the time to fully understand the needs of the organization so they can find the best candidates to meet our personalized needs by listening, asking questions, and using their expertise. I appreciate the dedication and commitment of Accelerate […]

Carmen R. (Client)

The Accelerate team recruits permanent positions, such as our Engineering roles. I have placed orders with other agencies in my career, but I have to say, I have been thoroughly impressed by Accelerate’s professionalism, expertise, and exceptional service. Their deep understanding of the market allows them to address the unique needs and challenges we face […]

Dave R. (Client)

Our business was starting to grow at a pace that was becoming a challenge for day-to-day management. Our business is very technical in nature. The training curve is generally 2-5 years, depending on experience coming into a position. We have traditionally promoted within, or hired without looking for a candidate, in the past many years. […]